If a picture is worth a thousand words, then twenty make almost a book; a book that tells of life, and beauty, and of the reasons for living…
People have various passions, some like to travel, others like hiking, and still there are those that look for and collect rare things. Iaroslava Petrenko has a passion for searching and collecting life’s moments and in pursuit of this goal she travels over continents, hikes in the mountains, climbs onto rocks, all for the sake of capturing that moment of which she feels privileged to be part.
Iaroslava Petrenko has obtained a Masters of Journalism degree with a specialization in Broadcasting from Carleton University in Ottawa. Iaroslava is the author of a number of news features and documentaries. Her camera of choice is Nikon with high-end Nikon lenses.

Meet the Photographer

I always loved photographs. I enjoyed flipping through the albums, taking black-and-white prints out of their plastic pouches, touching their matted surfaces, some with white, ruffled borders, others with creases and marks at their corners. I remember looking at the images, thinking of the stories behind them… ‘What made these young girls, on a sepia-tone photograph, laugh with joy on that warm evening, when they stood in a group wearing their light summer dresses on a Black Sea shore, warm water touching their bare feet; what was that puppy dog waiting for with its head tilted on a side, quirky intelligent eyes fixed on a camera.  I was sixteen when I started learning photography. I got my first camera quickly went through its basics and started taking pictures of my friends, my travel places. I collected memories, happy moments…

In my twenties, when I moved to Canada, many material things were given up. In one of the two bags I had with me were my photographs, the treasured memories I couldn’t leave behind.  My passion for collecting life’s moments grew even more when I continued to study Journalism and Documentary-making at Carleton University in Ottawa. This is where I learned about the power of visual storytelling, and so my adventure with photojournalism began.  My photography hobby quickly turned into an amazing adventure. Today I am not only collecting memories, I am capturing the stories of people who open their lives to me with my camera.Take a look at my photography portfolio, flip through the galleries and if you like what you see, get in touch with me. Let me document your life story as it unfolds.


Iaroslava’s natural and relaxed approach to photography comes from her photojournalism background when she captures the moment as it naturally unfolds. Her storytelling technique and a use of natural lighting helps her document life stories in the most unobtrusive and artistically creative way.  Iaroslava focuses on human interactions, capturing little details that make each story special: the truthful fleeting moments of genuine laughter and a candid tear-filled smiles.

Place where I live

My relationship with Ottawa begun more than twenty years ago when I arrived to Canada to make it home. I walked a lot by foot those days, learning it’s streets and corners with a paper map and a pocket dictionary in my hand.
Later, as a photographer I explored most incredible places of Ottawa with my camera – Parliament Hill, with the guard ceremony and the sound and light shows during the summer months; Byward Market, with its unique boutique stores, restaurants and some outstanding street performers. I love taking pictures at the century-old Chateau Laurier – a lavish hotel that hosts some of most beautiful weddings; Major’s Hill park’s old impressive trees, winding pathways and the Rideau Canal locks.

But the places that are most close to me as a photographer are the once that I discovered on my own. These are the fields and forest path’s where you can meet the most incredible sunsets and let your children run forever through the rolling hills of wildflowers. These are the places where I love taking my friends, family and my clients for a walk or a picnic, and take their photographs in the most desirable setting – happiness and comfort.


Never considered having a wedding myself, I have a love affair with wedding photography. I love real emotions. I love the joy and the excitement that are guaranteed on this day. I love the moment when I realize that I got your story right and I yarn each page of it with intimate connections and overwhelming moments of true love.

Based in Ottawa I am available to travel anywhere else to document your story.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then twenty make almost a book; that book tells a story of life and beauty – and of the reasons for living.