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At Iaroslava Petrenko Photography, we believe in creating beautiful images. With having years if experience in this genre we have the integrity to provide our customers the best of service.
Playing with the unique perspectives of taking photos each of us brings our exclusive ethnicity into play, so that your wedding pictures become the best. As authentic wedding photographers in Ottawa, we try and develop photos, in a manner that have the capability to define your unique and special moment in time.
We endeavor to make the images existent and attractive so that the memory of your special day is captured at its best. The element of fashion photography along with combining the emotion of your wedding day is presented to you by us.
Our images are both natural and gorgeous, depicting the mood of the situation!!

Our Range of Service:

Iaroslava Petrenko Photography captures every details of your wedding and makes it a memory for you. The motion, the celebration and the preparations are all covered by us. We believe that as the excellent photographers in Ottawa, our pictures define not only its subject but also the effect it has on those who share it!!
Pioneering in this genre we have range of experience as engagement photographers in Ottawa. We have the capability to make your postures for pictures look natural and bring out the love within the couple. Our services will assure you that with us you will always be more comfortable and will understand your vision!!
Our flawless execution, along with the holistic approach will provide you with a wonderful blueprint of your memories. Over the years, our team of experts has developed a spontaneous relationship that allows us to attain a complete coverage and light-footed presence. The presence of professional training and artistic talent, has enabled our wedding photographers; from the beauty of the ceremony to the fun of the celebration.


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